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Johnny Fentry Jr

 - Chicago Filmmaker, director, writer, and producer.

Johnny Fentry Jr is a Filmmaker from the West Suburbs of Chicago, IL. 20 years of age and he has had one nomination from the New York Youth Film Festival, highlight, and interview from Chicago's most famous Film studio, Cinespace Film Studios, from his most popular film "Love And Prosperity". Johnny also has experience in the music industry. As a cinematographer, Johnny has worked with many artists to create music visuals and has composed instrumentals for background music for clients and artists.


                    Kelsey D Fitzpatrick

                                                                                                  Actress, Event Planner, Casting Director

Kelsey D Fitzpatrick has been   one of Krezzyy Studios' most consistent 

actress from the first Love And Prosperity  to Love And Prosperity 2.

She was the  casting director for Krezzyy Studios' short film "Drift" and

has participated in multiple promotional shoots.

Don M. Spann lll


Don M. Spann lll  joined Krezzyy Studios starring in the hit short film 

"Love And Prosperity"  . He has been working on every new project

ever since faithfully. Don has made a big impact on Krezzyy Studios

and is always looking for more work as an actor.

Krezzyy Studios -

In July 2012, Krezzyy was discovered. The name was an individual from the beginning and quickly was created into a company. In the year 2014, It was changed to KrezzyyTv, where music videos and visuals were becoming the base of Krezzyy. Late 2014, KrezzyyTv's first short film was born. The channel became a short film and movie base to 2017. In the beginning of 2017, KrezzyyTv changed to Krezzyy Studios, where it holds photography, film, music videos, graphic design, promotion, and more of what content you see and know Krezzyy Studios today as.