Krezzyy Studios Community

In July 2012, Krezzyy was discovered. in the year of 2014, the name was changed to "KrezzyyTv", where music videos and visuals became the base of "Krezzyy". Late 2014, Krezzyy Tv's first short film was born. The channel became a short film and music video base in 2017. In the beginning of 2017, KrezzyyTv changed to Krezzyy Studios, where it holds photography, film, music videos, graphic design, promotion , and more of what content you see and know Krezzyy Studios today as.



 One of Krezzyy Studios' most consistent and dedicated members. Don has worked on numerous projects with Krezzyy Studios including film "Love and Prosperity" and "Drift". Don has also started getting into play writing and event curating.

Director, Writer

Founder of Krezzyy Studios, writer of all 18 of Krezzyy Studios' short film projects. 2 film fest nominations and has been writing since the age of 9. Founder of "Krezzyy Fest".


   Actor, Producer

Through the power of connections and commitment, Joe has made a huge impact to Krezzyy Studios not only acting, but producing, getting certain props/people needed for films. Joe has also produced films for Krezzyy Studios and has made an appearance in multiple short films across the country.