Drift - Short Film

Stacy, a photographer driven by music has a talent to take photos on beat. His best friend, Riley, has aspirations of becoming a photographer just like Stacy. But Riley decides to take a different route amongst getting into Stacy’s career.

Written and Directed By Johnny Fentry Jr


Don Spann lll

Joe Rossobillo


SPLASH - 2021

An emotional painter begins to paint on a blank canvas and lets out all her inner thoughts and emtions through her art. As she is painting, her thoughts and emotions are becoming physical and are being portrayed visually by humans in a dreamy environment throughout the process. From happy, to sad, aggressive, and moody. This reality isn't real, meaning creativity and imagination leads the way.

The Spirit World

An emotional rollercoaster of a girl that begins a journey of making the choice of opening her 7 chakras 

to heal from the horrific trauma that has happened through her life. From her toxic relationship with her mother, 

abusive drug problems, premature pregnancy, etc. She begins this journey to connect with her past lives spiritually. A battle against herself and connect with her spirit animal to stay spiritually connect for eternity.